Forcing Shopp to Require a Zip Code

If any of you WordPress fans have used Shopp for your eCommerce needs, you might have noticed that it’s latest versions do require a zip code to get past the Cart.php page in the checkout process. Now, this isn’t such a big deal if you use flat rate shipping, but if you use real time Continue Reading

Listing WordPress Custom Post Types by Category

If you are looking for a way to list your WordPress custom post types by category, look no further! I was in the process of a redesign for a travel agent and need to create a custom post type for “travel Deals”, which then get broken down and listed by country. So, I set up Continue Reading

Web Hosting

MT space Web Design is now offering hosting services! For only $60 a year ($5 a month) MT Space will host your website for you, set up your account, and provide you with access to a cpanel. The cpanel allows MT space clients to edit / add email accounts, setup ftp access, and much more. Continue Reading

Custom Scroll Bars

Are you looking for an alternative to that clunky browser scroll bar? Check out

Multiple domains on your WordPress website

For those of you who have experienced some confusion setting up Multiple Domains on your WordPress Website, the Vintage Race Car Sales, Historic Car Collection to use the same WordPress theme (though separate themes can be used) & the same WordPress content in the same database. While it might not have all the options of Continue Reading