If any of you WordPress fans have used Shopp for your eCommerce needs, you might have noticed that it’s latest versions do require a zip code to get past the Cart.php page in the checkout process. Now, this isn’t such a big deal if you use flat rate shipping, but if you use real time rates from UPS or FedEx, not requiring a zip code before checkout.php (the page that displays shipping rates) makes the checkout process somewhat confusing. I decided to setup a way to force a zip code submit on the cart.php before allowing visitors to reach checkout.php

How, you ask?

In looking over cart.php during testing, I saw that the shipping total displays the text “Enter Postal Code” by default before a zip code is entered in the zip code input field. Using jquery, I hid the proceed to checkout button if the default zip code text was being displayed. I then added a message telling the customer that a zip code was required to proceed to checkout. Once the customer enters a zip code, the site displays the checkout button. Problem solved!

If you’d like, feel free to use the code below on your shopp cart.php template.