Well, it looks as though you’re wondering who makes up MT Space Web Design?

Primarily, I do!  My name is Matt and most of your contact with MT Space Web Design will be with me.  I have quite a few years of web design experience, though this past year my focus has centered on designing websites that use WordPress as a content management system.  I feel my WordPress “odyssey” fulfills two of my goals; designing great websites that are dynamic and providing my clients with a website they can maintain themselves after the job is done.  Too many designers today leave that portion out of their quotes for web design, and it’s a hidden cost I don’t like to pass on.

Here’s a little about my history.  My web design career started while I was working for a small furniture company in Western Massachusetts.  Running, building, and maintaining a national futon sales website was very fulfilling, but running a warehouse at the same time didn’t sit right.  When Noelle’s (my wife) grandmother became ill, we had her move in with us so we could care for her.  I was needed at home more and I knew the time was right to set out on my own.

And, that’s just what I did!  I left the furniture company, started several sites of my own and set up MT Space Web Design to provide websites for my clients without their needing to refinance to afford it.

Other team members include a few local programmers and a local artist with whom I consult on projects that need that artistic touch (I prefer plain and simple).  So, come on in, check out our portfolio and send us a quote request if you like what you’ve seen thus far!